Martin L. King Award

The Martin L. King, lifetime achievement award is presented to individuals being recognized for their exceptional service and dedication to the restoration industry.  The winner of the Martin L. King Award will be announced at the International Restoration Convention & Industry Expo in Dallas, TX. 


Congratulations to the 2023 recipient of the Martin L. King Award 

Scott Stamper, CR


Martin L. King Award Recipient List

2023 Scott Stamper, CR
2022 John Pletcher                                                                                                  
2021 Charles E. Cassini, CR & Edward H. Cross 
2019 Jack A. White, CR, WLS 
2018 Ernie Storrer 
2017 Ken Larsen, CR, WLS, CMP 
2016 Sam Bergman, CR 
2015 Mike Goldberg, CR 
2014 Ashley Easterby 
2013 Larry Holder, CR 
2012 Frank Headen, CR, WLS, CMH 
2011 Art Johnson, CR, WLS 
2010 Michael Pinto, CSP, CMP 
2009 Phil McLaughlin, CR (Awarded posthumously) 
2008 Pete Consigli, CR, WLS (Honorary member) 
2007 Joe Arrigo, CR 
2006 Rusty Amarante, CR 
2005 Ben Yanker, CR, WLS, CMH 
2004 Michael O’Reilly* 
2003 Gary Dooner, CR 
2002 Scott VanDover, CR 
2001 Bill Lakin, CR* 
2000 Michael Griggs, CR 
1999 Eric Lundquist 
1998 Brian Spiegel, CR 
1997 Reed Dow, CR 
1996 M. Dennis Jensen, CR 
1995 Gene Mateson* (Awarded posthumously) 
1994 Guy Culbertson, CR 
1993 James Nichols 
1992 Cliff Zlotnik, CR, WLS, CMH (Honorary member) 
1991 Ken Etchison, CR* 
1990 Don Bragonier, CR 
1989 Richard Coleman, CR* 
1988 Jim Jacobs, CR 
1987 Murray Dow, CR* 
1986 Major Long, CR* (First recipient)