Penny Tralau, CR, WLS, CMP, CLS

Mould Boss

Founder and Managing director of Mould Rescue

Penny Tralau is the Founder and Managing director of Mould Rescue, where she is a Certified Specialist in Mould Removal in Australia. Penny holds many acclaimed RIA certifications, including her Certified Restorer (CR), Certified Mold Professional, Content Loss Specialist and Water Loss Specialist designations. Penny also holds the highest designation of Triple Master, as well as a myriad of IICRC certifications including her CDS, FSRT, HST, AMRT and WRT…to only name a few! Penny was the Co-founder and past secretary at IAQA Chapter, as well as Past NSW President at Specialised Cleaning and Restoration Association of Australia. Penny has been selected to be on the international team for the development of a new RIA Certification, the Environmental Risk Specialist (ERS), and of course, has lead the re-development and content creation of this Project Management Course. Penny was also selected to be on the team to develop the new IICRC Field Safety Guide, as well as to be on the Conesus body for the new ANSI/IICRC S410 Infection Control Standard.