Mark Whatley



Mark Whatley (AKA "Whatley") is an entrepreneur with over 10 years of restoration industry experience that incorporates all aspects of a loss, from mitigation to repair. As a Xactimate Certified Trainer, a Matterport Certified Trainer, and a licensed general contractor, Whatley’s hands-on expertise in the industry provides context for his drive and problem-solving persona. He currently serves as President of sureti, a third-party fund control payment company. He is also a founder of Actionable Insights, a non-profit that establishes adjusting guidelines that serve as a baseline for noble claims settlement. He is the author of The Umpire’s Mitigation Manual and the Umpire’s Repair Manual, two publications that have formed the foundation of the 3000+ page Insight Sheet Database and essentially serve as the Wikipedia of Xactimate invoicing templates