Building a Successful SEO Strategy

Date/Time: Wednesday, April 26, 2023 - 10:35 AM to 11:15 AM EST
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Does Google trust your business? 
So you've been in business a while, and you're showing up on the internet. Does Google trust your company? Is Google convinced that you're an expert in your field? Does Google know anything about your business at all? What do you need to do to be noticed and trusted by Google?

The answers to those questions are the keys to being relevant in the eyes of Google. Yes, you can talk to the SEO people that call you 3 times a day and promise to have you on the first page of the search results overnight, yet 3 months later, you're still invisible, or worse yet, never be seen again.  

What do you need to know to keep your phones ringing in this time of "Battling AIs" when all you really want is to have it work with as little interaction from you as possible? Let's explore what is needed to make you more money and not waste your valuable time.