Thomas "Tom" McGuire

Large Loss Mastery The Solutions Company, LLC


Thomas McGuire has 34 years’ experience in the disaster recovery.  Specializing in commercial large loss structural restoration and vital document recovery projects related to hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and fires.  Mr. McGuire is considered and expert in disaster recovery of structural losses, vital documents and is a published author of (10) related articles.  Notable Career projects:  New York World Trade Center and Vista Hotel (1993), Hurricane Katrina; New Orleans Criminal Courts and New Orleans Police Department Evidence recovery, inventory, restoration of active files and destruction of designated evidence (2005 – 2006).   Founder of Large Loss Mastery – hands-on large loss, estimating, project management and business development training programs.

Other notable Projects include all major hurricane/weather events since 1990 including Hurricanes; Andrew (1992), Floyd (1999), Katrina (2005-2007). Iowa floods (2008) Hurricane Ike Texas 2008, Nashville, Chicago, Rhode Island Floods (2010), Nashville Floods (2010), Super Storm Sandy (2012), Hurricane Mathew (2016), Hurricane Irma (2017), Florence (2018),